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Advocate Office Management System


App Login

URL : Demo Admin

Login for Advocate:
Username : admin
Password : advocate

For installation you can follow this document, including three simple steps to installation:


= v2.0 (28 April 2023) =

New changes
1. php and codeigniter version change
2. add token in installer path
3. add client, court, case category and case stage from add case page
4. Banking section
5. update section
6. contact page view button
7. add testimonial page
8. add sponsor page

Bug fix
1. javascript error resolve in report page
2. navigation not selected
3. designation error resolve
4. holiday remove month dropdown
5. employee date of birth error resolve
6. invoice issue date and due date resolve
7. product and service error resolve

= v1.4 (05 August 2021) =

- Updated installation process
- Added Vendors 
- Product and Services
- Invoices
- Added banking section

- Resolved Documents Upload
- Updated employee, client section
- Updated Invoices
- Make it compatible to PHP v7.2
- Improved complete codebase

= v1.3 (21 March 2017) =

Bugs resolved
Case Study Save Bug
Document not showing after save
Custom fields issue
Updated the theme to latest version of AdminLTE
System now supported RTL
Fixed Installation issue

= v1.3 (27 Nov 2015) =

Multiple Taxes Added on Invoice
Receipt Generation Feature Added
Custom Fields URL, Email and Phone No Added
Mails are working with SMTP
SMTP Settings Added
Date & Timezone Settings Added
Task Management System Added
Document Management for each case Added
Case Studies Section Added for Previous Reference
HR Management Added
Software Installation Documentation Attached
Fixed Installation issue

= v1.1 (27 April 2015) =

Initial Version Released

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