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Asphalt 8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Asphalt 8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money


Asphalt 8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Gameloft is famous for the variety of games they produce for the mobile platform. The 8th version of the classic racing game series on this phone makes a great impression on players. Asphalt 8 Modded: Airborne seeks to renew and still entertain the Gameloft-loving arcade racing player.

The goals are not simple, considering the success of the last two chapters and the in-app purchase. The French manufacturer seems to have worked very well this time. The new title is classic but able to entertain the player again, despite there are many extra-purchases within the application.

How to race in Asphalt 8: Airborne


Classic is the simplest racing mode. It contains 6 or 8 cars taking part in a two-round race, and the winner will win three stars. The other two stars are for completing the other minor tasks such as turning, crashing the opponent’s car, or perfect run.

Asphalt 8 screen 2


This game mode is exciting and highly competitive. The racers will race multiple rounds continuously. And after each round, a countdown timer will appear on the playing screen. After the clock reaches zero, the person who ranked last will be “deleted.” So on until only the last survivor will be the winner.


With this mode, fight with another player, knock them down with powerful jabs, or tap opponents that cause their vehicle to be damaged. For each successful failure of the opponent vehicle, you will be counted once. And within a specified period, the driver with the most knockdowns will be the winner.


For experienced players or those passionate about top speed, there is no need to explain the meaning of the word “drift.” But with Asphalt 8: Airborne, the more important thing is how to drift successfully and accurately through the gates to get enough points through the cards.

Because every time you drift, you have a collision with another vehicle or with an obstacle. The car will immediately return to normal running mode. But if you are requesting drifting for long-distance, it will quickly reset, and you have to start over.

Asphalt 8 screen 0


Besides three traditional racing modes, Classic, Knockdown, and Elimination, in this version, Gameloft has added an extra element, namely the racing mode called “Infected.” It is the first and most noticeable highlight of Asphalt 8: Airborne.

In this mode, players in the last position in the race will have a certain period before being “infected with the virus” and exploding. “Virus infection” can spread to the opponent by direct contact. It means even if you are not infected by being the last, there is a possibility that other vehicles may have been touched and affected.

After a period of “virus infection,” your car will explode and return to normal. However, one advantage is that when infected with a virus, your vehicle will have a much higher speed than usual.

Play Games, Cloud support and multi-player functions

The Play Games component is entertaining and makes the game much more complicated, broad, social, and fun. Challenge our friends to improve their skills. Notably, continuous notifications, challenge requests, last-minute combats, and last-door matches will fascinate and be fun to play.

Thanks to Cloud support, the data will be synchronized on all your smartphones and Tablets. Most of the players experience the game on S4 and then switch to Nexus 7 to find everything perfectly smooth.

Thanks to the excellent management of Play Games component and Cloud support, the Asphalt 8 Modded: Airborne offers attractive local multiplayer component for challenges among friends and family members.

Graphics and Gameplay

Impressive graphics

The racing game genre has long established a strong foothold in the gaming world. The current speed games are continually catching up with the world trend when it is limited to PC or console territory. Still, they have expanded to mobile and achieved specific achievements. However, there are still some points that make this genre an enormous challenge for publishers.

Most of the difficulty lies in the requirement that beautiful graphics are always the highest requirement when experiencing a racing game. And Asphalt 8 has very well solved this problem. The graphics in Asphalt 8 are awe-inspiring. The effects of collision, fire, or interaction with objects on the road are impeccable. The landscape at the racetrack is eye-catching, not to mention the influence of the weather shown in its graphics.

For example, when it rains, your screen will appear streaks of water, creating the feeling you are looking out from the actual car window. You will immerse yourself in the intense races that the game brings.

The car models’ shaping is also very glossy, impressive with the meticulousness and authenticity that it brings. The price is not low. Play and train all day to collect innovative models.

Asphalt 8 screen 1

Attractive gameplay

Besides the graphics, one of the most important things to make a grand racing game is the Gameplay of the Asphalt 8. The graphic roads are designed meticulously. There are many turns and dozens of interactive things on the way.

Ultimate AI Challenge

AI is also competitive when constantly pressuring players at the beginning, unlike other games with a more comfortable opening. You can take advantage of the gyros built into your phone to drive, creating a sense of authenticity, and being very accessible to the player. It is easy to make a homemade steering wheel with this feature.

The game also minimizes the clutter on the console. It uses the left touch for braking, while the right contact is used to speed up nitro. We can recharge nitro in several fundamental ways, such as collecting nitro tanks on the road, skillful drift wheels, or performing spectacular aerobatics. There is a devious way, which is destroying a few cars on the way.

Combat with Players

If you think AI is not challenging enough, try your skills with online racing with the season system year-round. You can try racing to compete with other gamers to bring back a wealth of bonuses and exciting gifts and use it to refurbish your car model. The opponents in this function are not novices, so beware of dreadful failures.

The roads in this version also become more complex but attractive. A destination with up to 5-7 paths must avoid complicated obstacles on the road and analyze yourself as a neat way to win.

It is difficult because you have to fail many times before you can handle it while maintaining the speed continuously. If you make a wrong turn, you will fall to the bottom of the board no matter how good you are.

But that’s not done yet. You still have to perform a few minor challenges that Asphalt 8 set out in each run. It could be a turn off the air or an opponent on the road.

Asphalt 8 screen 3

Plus and Minus Points

The most advantage is that you can play the game comfortably without matter whether it consumes energy or something in the game or not. It isn’t easy to understand now that gamers have gradually become accustomed to extra-purchase on mobile games, especially when a game with beautiful graphics like this. Gameloft proved to be “too generous” when racing for comfort. This unlimited pro is fantastic.

If there is a minus point, it is probably the terrible battery drain that this game affects. With only 20 minutes of playing, the phone has shown signs of heating. The battery capacity has dropped quickly. To load all these beautiful graphics, the resources of the device must be very high and efficient.

Alternative Versions

Asphalt Nitro and Asphalt 9: Legends are part of Gameloft’s alternative business plan, whose aim is to achieve mobile platform games. They develop their games to be extremely user friendly that is easily downloaded, even in mobility. The users will browse the catalog and find the match that suits them best. Only with simple steps and with a few megabytes are they have a complete game available for in-app purchases, energy systems, or constant data connection.

Final Words

Overall, Asphalt 8 is a perfect game for speed enthusiasts. With an extensive history of development, the game enhances the top level of entertainment after stressful working hours that you should have on your phone.

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