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Dragon Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money


Dragon Mania MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Are you a fan of Facebook? Do you like to suffer this social network all the time to play social games? If you are, we think you are not strange with the Dragon Mania. This game is an excellent game that combines many constructions elements to allow users to take care of adorable dragons.

In Dragon Mania, you can find a dragon kingdom with more than 350 different species of dragons. First, players can nurture and train small dragons to grow and participate in competitions. Then you can practice with thousands of other players to improve the experience and bring gems to buy valuable items.

Are you curious about this fantastic game? Let’s read our detailed review of the Dragon Mania Mod APK below.


Infuse your dragons to prepare for legendary battles! Regain your beloved homeland by rebuilding Drgolandia, breeding to create cute baby dragons, and raising them into mighty warriors to chase away the Vikings. This concept is quite similar to the Dragon City game.

There are over 100 extraordinarily detailed and unique dragons to discover when you become the supreme Dragon Lord in the most beautiful, interactive dragon fighting game.

Reclaim your beloved homeland by restoring the Dragonlendia (after being vandalized by the Vikings), caring for the cute newborn dragons, nurturing them into mighty battles against the Vikings. There are more than 100 unique species of dragons that are elaborated carefully for users to discover.

But the most critical point is you have to become the dragon lord to enjoy the most interactive and beautiful dragons and farming game.


Attractive Gameplay

The player’s main task in Dragon Mania is to use the dragon army to fight with other tribes, complete in the ranking with other players. Try to win at each level to earn experienced starts, gold, and rubies, increasing your rank very quickly.

You will use the items earned to build the city by breeding, hatching to create many legendary dragons. Besides, you can also farm and take care of dragons to make your army more powerful. It is also essential to upgrade and expand the territory for your city.

Performing a mission is one of the things that help you get more bonuses, experience, and rubies. Each mission has its level of reward depending on their difficulty level. The advice for you is to complete all the tasks assigned to be rewarded with a large amount of gold again eventually.

Money is the primary tool for making transactions in Dragon Mania, including gold, rubies, and the most precious is diamonds. You can earn money from doing tasks, fighting tribes, harvesting money from dragon barns, watching promotional videos, etc.

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Attractive Game Process

Overall, your task of playing this game is to build a dragon island, nurture, and train the cute little dragons into mighty warriors and then prepare carefully for the legendary battles. These battles are about to take place against people Viking cruel to regain his homeland.

In the process of playing this exciting game, players will play the role of the supreme Dragon Lord, who has the right to rule over a vast land. And you will have a chance to explore more than hundreds of different unique dragon species.

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Interesting Functions for Customers

This game has so many interesting functions that all the customers will love. And here are the features that you can take a look at:

  • Build a dragon kingdom with many different dragon breeds to grow up
  • Collect and explore all different types of dragons, which can unleash Dragon Fury
  • Train or teach the dragons our special fighting skills
  • Master the battle system through each battle
  • Face and fight, defeat many different opponents to achieve unique prizes
  • The game has sharp graphics, which makes it easy to get acquainted with many different colors

Dragon Mania screen 0

Power Union

This game allows you to make friends and visit your friend’s pet island and exchange magical gifts. You can also form a guild with a clear plan. This app allows you to use the online guild chat to discuss with your team to find out your team’s best strategy.

Because this game allows you to connect with so many other players, it becomes much more enjoyable. The online rankings also make you more motivated when playing.

Always Have a New Online Adventure

In Dragon Mania, you can take your dragon on a journey of power through the land of animal fantasies.

And you can also achieve a higher level when you develop your fighting power skills in the pet legend collection.

Moreover, there are always so many options for you to choose from, including new context, seasonal events, special missions, and weapons. With this feature, you can build each of your dragons to become a legend. And it is the most satisfying part of this game.

Let’s demonstrate your power by raising your dragon to become the best dragon in the game. There is always a new game challenge for you, so you never need to worry about the dull feeling.

Dragon Mania screen 2

Only for Apple

Another pretty thing about this game is Dragon Mania Mod APK is only for the iOS operating system. As you may know, Gameloft has stopped providing Android applications for a while, and of course, this game is included in the list. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and iPod Touch.

This feature makes Apple fans excited. However, for Android fans, we suggest that you should be loyal to Dragon City. One more thing, the only requirement of this game is that you must have a device with iOS 9.0 or higher.


Unlike other games, Dragon Mania supports users in many different countries with their languages. This game is ready for user in 15 different countries, including English, Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, German.

This feature makes the game unlimited for users. You may accidentally make friends and team up with a friend from another country. This story is quite impressive.

Visual and Sound Quality

Graphics Design

Dragon Mania has a cute-style graphics with a bit of wild legend. The game includes many islands with different weather such as spring, tropical rain, misty land, snow, desert… Each land is expressed through many colors, creating harmony and inherent of heaven and earth.

Besides, the fight scenes help the dragons be highlighted in each charisma. This game comes with more than 350 designs that describe more than 350 species of dragons. And you can distinguish each of them based on their characteristics such as the appearance and the way they excel in fighting with others.

Overall, this game comes with beautiful 2D graphics with bright colors, creating funny, unique dragons. And the most significant success of this game is it shew the elements that the dragons have.

Moreover, the movements of the dragon were rhythmic and varied. Sometimes you can find them flying or walking on the ground. And the background was thoughtfully designed with reliable, magnificent and ancient constructions.

Sound Effects

The sound in Dragon Manina is the combination of the murmuring waves, the birds singing, and the flute. All of them bend together and create a vivid picture that attracts users. The developer team was very successful in portraying millions of activities in the game. For example, you will be impressed by the sound of the dragon’s banging and roar.

Besides, the soundtrack of the Dragon Mania sounds like a fairytale. We love it because it brings us an exciting feeling. However, it is not everything. The soundtracks can transfer from musical music to the vibrant anthem when the player enters any battle.

Although Dragon Manina has antagonistic properties, the sound when manipulating the game is still soft. The sound of the Dragon Mania is not too loud and noisy, so it will make you feel comfortable.

Final Words

After reading this article, you can see Dragon Mania is a game that simulates, manages, and takes care of extreme dragons.

If you love raising pets and reading the dragon’s legends, you should come to the Dragon Mania immediately. This game has attracted millions of players by the beautiful design with the dragon hybrid features. And we can assure you that this game will make you happy with no doubt.

With the simple, accessible gameplay, eye-catching graphics, soft sound, Dragon Manina is the right choice for players who prefer a light and relaxing experience. Currently, the game is free for iOS. Let’s download and enjoy it now! Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your experience with us!

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