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eCommerce DON – Multi tenancy Online Store Platform SAAS


eCommerce DON is an all-in-one eCommerce multitenancy platform where anyone can join and create their own single vendor store within a few minutes. Everything is dynamic from the admin panel. Admin can create unlimited plans for single vendor stores with different pricing and features. Owners can sell anything like physical products and Digital products using this saas store. This platform is the most powerful platform to create any type of eCommerce business like a Single vendor Store and Classified affiliate store which can sell everything like fashion items, electronics items, digital products, Organic products, Jewelry items, License keys etc.

This is not the end! Besides all the common eCommerce features, Store owners have many exclusives features that are not available in most eCommerce stores such as Whole sell, Order tracking, Dynamic coupon, Product stock, Invoice management, Premium Packaging, Real-time notification, Multiple admin and stuff, Messaging System, Real customer rating, Dispute, Refund, affiliate program etc. This script is perfectly created with a number of known online payment gateways to make the payment easier, flexible, and comfortable. Its Supported Multiple Currency and Multiple Languages, which makes this script more user-friendly. eCommerceDon gives you the best performance for Multitenancy based eCommerce sites with user-responsive flexibility and optimized UX/UI.Every feature is included within the system so no extra cost is needed for addons.

Anyone can join here and create their website within five minutes. we are also here to provide you best support, installation, and customization if you need it.

The eCommerceDon script will make you Successful for sure in the multitenancy ecommerce Business arena as well as it will save your Marketing cost also for this one you don’t need any Coding Skills. eCommerceDon may assist you to handle unlimited users, handle languages, plugins and user-friendly frontend settings. If you are looking for the Best multitenancy ecommerce Script which will grow your business to the next level then eCommerceDon will be the right choice for you. It takes only a few minutes to set up your website with our system. So, Let’s Start Your Multitenancy Based Ecommerce Platform with eCommerceDon.

Admin Panel:

  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Post Management
  • Logo, Favicon, and Loader Management.
  • Advanced Website Contents Management.
  • Footer and Error Page Management
  • Smart Website Maintainance Feature
  • Hero Section Contents Management
  • Feature Section Contents Management
  • About Us Section Handling
  • Work Process Section Management
  • Testimonials section management
  • SEO Section handling
  • All the orders Handling
  • Package Management
  • Able to manage Plan and Reviews Section
  • Contact Us page Management
  • Other Pages handling
  • Email Templates Management
  • Opportunity to Configure the Email
  • Group Email Sending Feature
  • Cookie Concent Settings
  • Manages Payment Gateways
  • Smart Currency Management
  • Social Links Management
  • Website and Admin Panel Language Settings
  • Advanced Popular Products Management
  • Standard Domain Management
  • Standard Google Analytics
  • Manages Website Meta Keywords
  • Smart Staff Management
  • Manages All the Subscribers
  • Advanced Roles Management
  • Smart Clear Cache Feature
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

Owner Panel

  • Dashboard Statistics with lots of Informations
  • Able to renew the Plan
  • Sub Domain eCommerce Store
  • Own Domain Feature
  • All the Orders Handling
  • Pending and Processing Order Management
  • Manages Completed and Declined Orders
  • Opportunity to create New Products
  • Manages All the Products
  • Products Color management
  • Attribute and Brands Management
  • Products Category Management
  • Manages All the Customers
  • Customers Withdrawal Management
  • Handling all the Transaction of the System
  • Handle Default Background Color
  • Manages Product Reviews
  • Comments and Reports Management
  • Create and All the Coupon Handling
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Post Management
  • Manages All the User Tickets
  • Logo, Favicon, and Loader Management
  • Owner Site Theme Management
  • Manages Shipping and Packaging Methods
  • Pickup Locations Handling
  • Standard Website Contents Management
  • Country and State Management
  • Manages Footer Informations
  • Affiliate Informations Management
  • Login Page Image Settings
  • Update Default Image Settings
  • Website Maintenance Management
  • Manages Slider and Service Section
  • Handling Bottom Banners
  • Both Right Side Banner Management
  • All Banner Management System
  • Handling Reviews and Partners Setting
  • Advanced Home Page Customization
  • FAQ page Management
  • Contact Us page Management
  • Other Pages handling
  • Able to Configure the Getresponse Setting
  • Payment pieces of information Management
  • Manages Payment Gateways
  • Smart Currency Management
  • Advanced Tax Management
  • Social Links Management
  • Facebook Pixel Handling
  • Manages Facebook Login Settings
  • Manages Google Login Settings
  • Website and Admin Panel Language Settings
  • Staff Management Feature
  • Able to manage all the Subscribers
  • Website Role Management and Clear Cache Feature
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

User Panel

  • Dashboard Statistics
  • Showing All the Purchased Items with Different Status
  • Showing total Order numbers
  • Showing total Pending orders numbers
  • Recent Orders list
  • Own Order Management
  • Favorite Sellers Management
  • Edit Profile and Password Changing System
  • Password Recovery System

Other Dynamic Features

  • Able to make comments on Product
  • Can create a review after the product Purschasing
  • Standard Blog Sharing Option
  • Login with Facebook Opportunity
  • Login with Google Advantage
  • Google Captcha Facilities
  • Email Notification System
  • Dynamic Contact Section
  • Advanced Searching and Sorting Technique


SAAS Home Demo: https://geniusocean.xyz/
Super Admin Demo: https://geniusocean.xyz/admin

Admin Login:
User: admin@gmail.com

Seller Store: https://test.geniusocean.xyz/
Demo Seller login: https://test.geniusocean.xyz/seller

Seller Login:
User: seller@gmail.com

Customer Login: https://test.geniusocean.xyz/user/login

User Login:
User: user@gmail.com


We are always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of customization, support, query and suggestion. We will respond as soon as possible.

Support Desk URL: https://geniusocean.net/support

Thank you,

Change Log in Version 3.1

  • Sub Domain Feature
  • Custom Seller Domain Feature

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