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FoodBook | Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing

FoodBook | Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing

FoodBook Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing Nulled is an Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with Easy and One-Click Order Printing Option. It’s a single branch system. If you have Multibranch then please buy FoodBook Multibranch Add-on with FoodBook.

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FoodBook | Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing

FoodBook | Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with One-Click Order Printing - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Buy Extended License and Get FoodBook Multibranch Add-on for FREE


Buy FoodBook Multibranch Add-on

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FoodBook is an Online Food Ordering System for WordPress with Easy and One-Click Order Printing Option. It’s a single branch system. If you have Multibranch then please buy FoodBook Multibranch Add-on with FoodBook. It’s an individual WooCommerce based Online Food Ordering WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily add Food Ordering System to your WordPress Website. You can easily receive both PickUp and Delivery or Only Delivery or Only Pickup orders using FoodBook.

FoodBook is an individual food ordering system/plugin for WordPress works with WooCommerce. It has won extra features/add-ons adding system for a product. Please check out this screenshot  Also have Delivery Location Availability Checker by Address or Zip Code. It has Real-time Status Change Email Notification system for customers.

FoodBook has a modern and user-friendly front-end with a live food search option and categories for filtering foods, a back-end interface for shop/restaurant owner/admin for managing settings and orders. This plugin allows user roles for Branch Manager, Kitchen Manager, and Delivery Man, also have separate pre-built dashboard interface for Branch Manager, Kitchen Manager and Delivery Man which will allow you to easily manage the orders and delivery without providing your WordPress admin access. Moreover, there has instant notification shows in the dashboard. Also, has order filtering system based on New Order, Cooking Processing, Cooking Complete, On The Way and Delivery Complete.

This plugin automatically adds all of the required pages to your WordPress site when you activate the plugin. You will get the food items on your page using [foodbook_products] shortcode. Also available shortcode attribute for Column, Layout, Category, Sidebar Show/Hide, Search bar Show/Hide. This shortcode will work with all of the visual page builders like Elementor, WP Bakery page builder, Visual Composer, King Composer, Brave Builder, Guttenburg, etc. You will able to use this plugin with any WordPress theme. Anyone can easily update/edit this plugin by following our Well Sorted Online Documentation.

Main Features of FoodBook:

  • Demo Data Included
  • Easy WooCommerce Food Order System
  • Single Branch System
  • If you have Multibranch then please buy FoodBook Multibranch Add-on with FoodBook.
  • Invoice Print Ready
  • Easy and One-Click Order Printing Option
  • Pre-Order Taking System
  • Delivery Location Availability Checker by address
  • Delivery Location Availability Checker by ZIP Code
  • Real-time Status Change Email Notification System
  • Google Distancematrix API to get distance between shop and customer location
  • Google geocode API to find address
  • Kitchen manager/branch manager order table quantity show column
  • Deliver/Pickup Time Format 24h or AM/PM
  • Delivery Schedule Type Options
  • Admin Order Manage Real-time Table Data Update
  • Decimal Separator and Thousand Separator Works With Woocommerce Settings
  • Filter Option in Manager Dashboard to Filter by Delivery Date Especially for Pre-Order Management
  • Add To Cart Button Show/Hide Option
  • New Order Popup Notification with Sound for Admin and Manager Dashboard
  • Notification Audio Sound loop/once Settings Option
  • Own Notification Audio Sound Upload Option
  • Real-Time Status Update, Notification Update, Order Table Update, and Statistic Update
  • Product List View and Grid View Options
  • Column and Layout Change option in settings options
  • Shortcode attribute for Column, Layout, Category, Sidebar Show/Hide, Search bar Show/Hide
  • Order taking options: Only Delivery or Only Pickup or Delivery and Pickup both
  • Delivery/Pickup Time show/Hide Option
  • Product Shorting Order by filter Options
  • Guest Checkout
  • Ajax Quick search
  • Single Page Cart System
  • Ajax Category Filter
  • Ajax Pagination
  • Delivery type select option ( Delivery/pickup )
  • Delivery/pickup time select option
  • Extra Item feature add option
  • Item instructions option
  • Build with Order management system
  • Branch manager order control admin
  • Kitchen manager order control admin
  • Order delivery manage admin for delivery man
  • Order status Change Option
  • Order statistics show in manager admin
  • Easy Order Filter option
  • Order Filter By Date option
  • Custom Sign in/ Sign up Page
  • Easy Settings options
  • Translation ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Error free code
  • Free Updates
  • Well and Online Documentation and Video Tutorials



Download “FoodBook | Online Food Ordering System for WordPress” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Is this plugin compatable with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce?
Ans: Yes

Branch Manager
Username: bmanager
Password: 123456Kitchen Manager
Username: kmanager
Password: 123456Delivery Man
Username: deliveryman
Password: 123456

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  • All ‘images’ used on the demo site is for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the main download file.

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