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KoolMembership – Advanced Laravel SAAS Starter Kit with CRUD Generator


KoolMembership – Advanced Laravel SAAS Starter Kit with CRUD Generator

Are you looking to start a subscription-based business but don’t have enough time and want to save money on development from scratch? Look no further than Kool Membership! Our powerful Laravel SaaS Starter system provides everything you need to create a high-quality subscription experience quickly and efficiently.

With Kool Membership, you’ll enjoy a wide range of features designed to streamline development and enhance the user experience. Our powerful CRUD generator saves developers time and effort by eliminating the need to write code from scratch. And with integration with four popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay and Mollie, users can pay for their subscriptions quickly and easily.

Our wallet system is another standout feature; your users can easily manage their funds and subscriptions all in one place. No need to worry about currency conversion or complicated payment processes; Kool Membership takes care of it all. Plus, our advanced reporting system ensures accurate and timely billing for your users, giving them peace of mind and a positive subscription experience.

But that’s not all—we’ve also added a page builder that lets you create landing pages without writing a single line of code. With our reusable section templates, you can create professional-looking pages in no time.

And let’s not forget about our advanced affiliate system, which helps you grow your user base by providing users with referral links and commissions for each new user they refer. With Kool Membership’s affiliate system, you can easily promote your subscription business and attract new users, all while rewarding your existing user base.

Overall, Kool Membership is the perfect tool for businesses and developers looking to save time and resources on development while still delivering a high-quality subscription experience to their users. With its advanced subscription options, wallet system, reporting and page builder features, affiliate program, payment gateway integration, coupon system, and more, Kool Membership provides everything you need to create a successful subscription business quickly and efficiently.

Don’t miss out on this powerful system; purchase a license of Kool Membership today at a lower price and take advantage of more features in the upcoming updates.

Membership Platforms Available

  • SaaS Starter + CRUD Generator
  • Digital Banking Starter + Loan Management System
  • Real Estate Investment Starter (Coming Soon)

Default Highlighted Features

  • 4 Automated Payment Gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and RazorPay
  • Unlimited Manual Payment Gateways
  • Wallet based with Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Ultimate Subscription System
  • Advanced reporting for Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer, Exchange and Subscription
  • Multi-tier Affiliate System for Deposit and Subscription
  • Advanced CRUD Generator
  • Page Builder with Sortable Feature
  • Configurable Settings
  • Unlimited Frontend Colors
  • Light and Dark Scheme Options with unlimited Dark Scheme Colors
  • 2 File Storage Options such as Local & Amazon S3
  • Developer Friendly & Clean Codes
  • Regular Updates and Quick Support

Default User Dashboard Features

  • Interactive User Dashboard
  • Manage Profile Settings
  • Manage Profile Security with 2FA Support
  • Manage Profile Billing
  • Manage Profile Wallet
  • Can Send Money to Another User
  • Manage Profile Affiliate
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Subscribe available subscriptions
  • Deposit Money & Manage Deposits
  • Withdraw Money & Manage Withdrawals
  • View Transactions
  • View Commissions
  • User Activities
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • GDPR Policy & Security Recaptcha Included
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Privacy & TOS
  • And more…

Default Admin Dashboard Features

  • Interactive Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Permissions
  • View User Activities
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Packages
  • Manage Features
  • Manage Pricing Table
  • Manage Deposits
  • Manage Manual Deposit Gateways
  • Manage Withdrawals
  • Manage Manual Withdrawal Gateways
  • Manage Affiliate Users
  • View Affiliate Referrals
  • Manage Commissions
  • Manage Commission Types
  • Manage Photos
  • Manage Support Tickets
  • General Settings
  • Authentication Settings
  • Registration Settings
  • Recaptcha Settings
  • Google Analytics Settings
  • Mail Settings
  • Storage Settings with Local & Amazon S3
  • Media Settings
  • Payment Gateways Settings with PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay and Mollie
  • Subscription Settings
  • Wallet Settings
  • Affiliate Settings
  • Ticket Settings
  • CRUD Generator
  • Admin & Frontend Menu Manager
  • Manage Language with Click to Translate Feature
  • Manage Email Templates
  • Manage Currencies
  • Manage a Centralized Categories & Category Types
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Shipping Rates
  • Manage Tax Rates
  • Manage System Maintenance
  • Manage Database Backup
  • View Application Information
  • View Server Information
  • Manage System Cache
  • Manage Blogs
  • Manage Pages with Page Builder
  • Manage Sitemap
  • Manage Frontend Settings
  • Manage Theme Colors
  • Manage Navbar & Breadcrumb Sections
  • Manage GDPR Cookie
  • Manage Custom JS & CSS
  • And more…

Test before you buy!

Default Admin Login for all Demos

Demo URL:

Username: admin

Password: p@ssword

Note that some features has been disabled on demo

Our guarantee

  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Provide excellent support we and usually get back to you within 12-24 hours

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Razorpay!
  • Mollie

Credit card test details

  • Expiry date: Any date above current date.(E.g. 12/2023)
  • CVV: Any four digit (E.g. 1234)
  • Email: Any email is okay
  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

PayPal test details


  • PHP 8.1x
  • Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server.
  • Shared, VPS or Dedicated Server
  • MySql: 5.1+
  • BCMath Extension
  • OpenSSL Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • PDO MySQL Extension
  • Mbstring Extension
  • Tokenizer Extension
  • XML Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • GD Extension
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • Intl Extension

What’s Included

  • Script Files: All script files open source.
  • Documentation: Installations and other full use of instructions.


Version 2.2.0 – May 16, 2023

- ADDED: Digital Banking Membership & Loan Management System
- ADDED: Added multiple pages selection option on datatable plugin
- PATCH: Affiliate module
- PATCH: Enhanced the page builder
- PATCH: Enhanced on deposits
- PATCH: Enhanced on profile
- PATCH: Enhanced on subscriptions
- PATCH: Enhanced on ticket module
- PATCH: Enhanced on withdrawal module
- FIXED: TinyMCE Plugin for blog editor
- FIXED: Reading the current module
- FIXED: Fixes on carts module for applying coupon
- FIXED: Fixes on database backup

Version 1.1.0 – April 11, 2023

- ADDED: Migration web tool
- ADDED: New base support classes
- ADDED: Migrations for affiliate new route and permission
- ADDED: Migrations for migration web tool
- PATCH: Frontend footer section
- PATCH: Photos selector
- PATCH: Pricing section
- PATCH: FAQ section
- PATCH: Footer headings
- PATCH: For tinymce photo selector plugin
- PATCH: For affiliate module
- PATCH: Frontend webpack mix script
- PATCH: Backend webpack mix script
- FIXED: Withdrawal German language json
- FIXED: Affiliate settings route
- FIXED: Text media section if without sub heading
- FIXED: Boxed Left Icon section on heading for SEO
- FIXED: Boxed section on heading for SEO
- FIXED: On frontend scripts and style using mix()
- FIXED: Dark scheme box page
- FIXED: Fix frontend issue on Loom installed in browser
- FIXED: Fixed issue on multi-currency format
- FIXED: Subscription issue on switching plan
- REMOVED: Unused TagsController at the Tags module
- REMOVED: Unused PaymentsController at the Payments module
- REMOVED: Unused deposit module route

Version 1.0.0 – March 23, 2023

First release.

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