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LaraBuild – Laravel Drag and Drop Page builder and Settings Builder Package


LaraBuild is a laravel package for developers. It comes with Settings Builder and Drag and Drop Page builder. It saves you months to develop settings and pages in a few steps. It is designed to help the developers to link with their laravel project and design the options very quickly rather than writing a bunch of code. It comes with 16+ field types

Options/Settings Builder

Settings builder will allow you to create your project settings by defining the arrays. It has a bunch of field types to create any type of settings

Drag and Drop Page Builder

LaraBuilder comes with Laravel Drag and Drop Page builder as well. The developer can create the shortcodes something like WordPress Elementor page builder. This is one of the best Laravel Drag and Drop Page builder which allow the developers to create shortcodes and build their own pages quickly

Demo URL:
https://wp-guppy.com/demos/larabuild/ LaraBuild - Laravel Drag and Drop Page builder and Settings Builder Package - 1 LaraBuild - Laravel Drag and Drop Page builder and Settings Builder Package - 2

Field Types

  • Text
    1. Text
    2. Password
    3. Number
    4. Hidden
  • Textarea
    1. Textarea
    2. Editor
  • Checkbox
    1. Checkbox
    2. Checkboxes
  • Radio
  • Range Slider
  • HTML
  • Select
    1. Select
    2. Multi-select
  • Date and time
    1. Date picker
    2. Time picker
    3. Date & time picker
    4. Date Range
  • Color Picker
  • Uploads
    1. Upload
    2. Multi-Upload
  • Repeater
    1. Single field repeater
    2. Multiple field repeater
  • More field types coming soon….

Release 1.3 – 25 April 2023

-- Moved Larabuild Pagebuilder components content inside the iframe to fix style issues.
-- The Header and footer of the website are now separated from the Pagebuilder components.
-- Added compatibility of Larabuild Pagebuilder for Laravel 8.x, 9.x, & 10.x.
-- Larabuild Pagebuilder performance improvements.
-- Added 'Tabs' settings to Larabuild Optionbuilder.
-- Style and some other improvements.

Release 1.2 – 25 February 2023

-- Get Tabs settings have been added
-- Range Slider has been added
-- Field type improvements
-- Drag and Drop page builder module has been added
-- Create/Edit/Delete Pages CRUD for the pages, have been added

Release 1.1 – 25 December 2022

-- Range slider option type has been added
-- Saving loader has been added
-- Option loader has been added
-- Multiple date picker has been added
-- Images uploaded, preloader has been added
-- Datepicker year issue has been fixed
-- RGBA color settings have been added
-- To access all fields in a tabs code has been defined: setting(‘tab_key’)

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