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Multi Level Marketing Addon For Bicrypto


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Made with:

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • JS
  • PHP
  • Livewire
  • Included in the installation folder
Demo User: Demo Admin:
  • user: demoAdmin
  • pass: 123456

Requirements (minimum):

  • A Knowledge in running a server or any hosting with ssh
  • A Knowledge in copy and paste codes we add-in update description
  • Having time to read the documentation
  • PHP +7.4
  • Composer +2
  • Server with SSH that has Permissions, not shared server without any permissions
Requirements (Recommended):
  • Clean Ubuntu 20
  • Virtualmin + Nginx + PHP FPM
  • Composer 2.2.5
  • Unmanaged VPS with root access
Security Notes:
  • After support inquiries that requires debugging any internal issues in your VPS, you always have to secure and change your credentials for security and never share them with any thirdparty
  • If you use an unauthorized version and face any issues/errors or face security issues then we are not responsible for that.
  Version 1.4.3 - Nov 25, 2022:
    - added mailing template on deposit and withdrawal of membership and withdrawal of BV
    - patched trade commission required if all methods are disabled on rank update
    - patched deposit with hash only show an undefined error
    - patched community line calculation if the admin wants to set its clients to 0 instead of disabling the community line
    - patched 7th rank in the network tree for unilevel system
    - patched MLM distribution for community line and unilevel system
    - patched MLM distribution for bot investments
    - completely reworked coding and compacted over 1000 lines into 40 for faster processing and easier modification
    - minor patches in the calculation of the percentage
  Version 1.4.2 - Nov 12, 2022:
    - integrating purchase of token with MLM membership upgrade token so admin can pay the ico purchase using ecosystem private ledger with the distribution of BV with the amount paid with community line and membership activation and upgrade upon deposit
    - added indicator for network tree to show which downline has active membership or rank
    - added ability to set membership upgrade terms from the platform manager
    - added ability to select the main wallet if the client has ecosystem enabled in the membership upgrade
    - if no membership is active then the upgrade will show as Become an affiliate
    - added ability to completely disable BV distribution if the client doesn't have active membership if the membership system is enabled
    - added a nested tab for MLM in the platform manager for easier control
    - added integration of eco into MLM membership upgrade
    - added a new deposit method for MLM for the immediate transaction of tokens for membership upgrade without the need to pay fees by direct transfer from the main wallet to the token ledger account
    - community lines to give bv to a client other than the client who does the deposit for membership or withdraws of bv
    - added ability to set fees amount for the admin from all deposits or withdrawals of active membership clients
    - disable withdraw if only membership can earn option is enabled
    - community line will activate only if a deposit of the client is above the minimum required by rank 0 of membership ranks to make sure the client doesn't abuse the community line order number and earn bv while he part of the highest community order id
    - add an option to show the direct deposit button by ledger only if the membership token is one of the enabled tokens in the ecosystem

  Version 1.3.7 - Nov 2, 2022:
    - added admin notification on deposit and withdrawal
    - coomunity line now give bv on deposit of membership in unilevel system and withdrawal of MLM earning
    - patched deposit amount of membership if no deposits were made before
    - patched next rank of membership if client dont have rank yet
    - added minimum deposit amount as minimum required deposit of first rank to activate community line and membership
    - patched refer card texts to be same reward as set in mlm reward amount
    - auto hide commission methods from rank commissions card if they not set or disabled
  Version 1.3.4 - Oct 11, 2022:
    - added 2 extra unilevels
    - added control over which level to be active
    - added community line system
    - added ability to set the number of community lines to earn bv after deposits
    - added ability to select deposit, withdraw currency
    - added membership system
    - added new cron for VIP ranks
    - added total deposit, total bv earned marker
    - added all methods of earning bv on the network page for users
    - added VIP ranks to unilevel the system
    - added direct referral requirement to rank VIP
    - increased the latest commissions list to 30
    - added membership timer to disable membership if the client didn't earn any bv for a set time
    - added grace timer to notify the client if he didn't earn any bv for the set timer
    - added the ability to add a custom deposit wallet
    - added VIP ranking in the membership system to the network page for clients
    - added requirements checking card to identify what is next needed for the client to get ranked
    - added MLM deposit logs
    - added MLM bv logs
    - added ability to set the network of the custom token
    - added ability to approve memberships deposits or cancel them
  Version 1.3.1 - Sep 12 2022:
    - added MLM system manager
    - added MLM commission earning methods controller to enable/disable how clients earn BV
    - added daily MLM commission earning method to allow clients to earn BV on daily bases from their referrals subscriptions and investments
    - added a new card to show how much the client can earn daily BV  
    - added a new unilevel MLM system
    - added a method to set the minimum to unlock withdraw
    - added a new tree generator for the unilevel system
    - added MLM support to staking
    - added earning method to 5 uplines on unilevel system
    - added a new cron for the daily earning of MLM commission
    - added a method to hide any not wanted MLM earning method from settings completely from platform manager for easy management
    - added database cleaner for completed MLM crons.
    - patched commission on deposit
    - added unilevel 5 levels commission to bot investment
    - added unilevel 5 levels commission to staking
    - added unilevel 5 levels commission to forex investments and deposits
    - added unilevel 5 levels commission to token ico purchases
    - added unilevel 5 levels commission to deposits
    - added a method to automatically disable the first deposit commission and active referral commission on unilevel system
    - auto hide all referrals card in unilevel system as the tree will take care of that
    - auto hide business level in unilevel system as ranking only occurs in a binary system
    - enhancements of network page card preview
    - changing active referral card to trading commission card
  Version 1.2.0 - March 6, 2022:
     - Boosted Speed by disabling loading of Referral system if MLM is disabled
- Patched Commission log to show Business value Properly
  Version 1.1.0 - Jun 3, 2022:
     - Upgraded to Vue js
  Version 1.0.0 - March 6, 2022:
     - Initial Release

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