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RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked)

RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked)

MOD Features


RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked)

ing Gears, Brake, Rudder, Pushback, and Spoiler as you learn how to operate a commercial plane in the most intuitive ways.

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Make various customizations while flying

To make the game more interesting, gamers are also allowed to make various customizations to their planes while flying. Feel free to customize your fuel, passengers, and total load of the plain, even during the flight, to experiment with certain changes on your aircraft. Or change the weather between completely different conditions as you try to guide it through tough weather conditions. And if you want to, you can also make changes to the planes to see what would happen exactly when there are problems with the engines or the system. The game isn’t just about flying and controlling your planes, but it’s also a great simulator for multiple situations that could potentially happen during your flights.

Enjoy playing your online gameplay at anytime

For those of you who’re interested, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is your perfect chance to interact with fellow gamers from all over the world as it offers the complete and detailed online gameplay for you to enjoy. Here, you can participate in real-time flights with at least 40.000 real-time flights each day from across the world. Join the global gameplay as you jump on the available real-time flights from different airports all over the world. Take control of every operating plane and guide them to their targeted destinations as you progress.

And to make the game more interesting, you can enjoy chatting with your fellow pilots from all over the world, who’re also in control of the real-time flights as we’re speaking. It would be one hell of an experience for any of you who’re interested in this type of activity.

Pick up from where you left off and start enjoying

On top of that, to make it as easy and convenient as possible for Android gamers, RFS – Real Flight Simulator even features the quick access option that lets you continue your abandoned activity whenever you reconnect to the game. That’s said, you can easily continue your flights and bring the customers to their desired targets.

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Enjoy the game for free

And despite all those amazing features, the game still offers free gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy their flight simulation experiences at a certain level. Hence, you can easily gain access to the awesome game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Have the pro subscription unlocked with our mod

However, since it’s a freemium game, you can’t expect it to have everything completely free and unlocked. Therefore, ads and in-game purchases are definitely unavoidable. For those of you who wish to enjoy the full gameplay without paying, you might want to check out our modified version of the game instead.

With it, you can enjoy playing your flight simulation with ad-free experiences, unlocked subscriptions, and many interesting mods. Just download the RFS – Real Flight Simulator Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions and get ready for your ultimate flights for absolutely free.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you who’re interested in Infinite Flight Simulator for its incredible graphics and visuals, you won’t find yourself disappointed with RFS – Real Flight Simulator. That’s said, the game offers the incredible 3D visual experiences that most gamers would certainly find enjoyable. With powerful 3D plane models, in-depth interior design, realistic cockpit views, and the complete control panels, you’ll find yourself actually riding your own plane. However, some of your low-end devices might struggle to process the game, resulting in unsatisfying experiences. Hence, you might want to check the graphics settings and make certain configurations according to your hardware capabilities.


To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in RFS – Real Flight Simulator will also find themselves fully immersed in the awesome in-game music and sound. With each flight, the realistic sound effects will keep you completely hooked to the in-game simulations. The intuitive engine sounds, the realistic environments, and the professional communications from the ATC will make you fully immersed in the game.

Final thoughts

With an in-depth and interesting gameplay, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is undoubtedly one of the best flight simulators for Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Not just because of its incredible graphics and gameplay, but also thanks to the level of customizations that you can have with the game. And with the game being completely unlocked and free on our website, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it.

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