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Tasky – Complete Task Management Solution


Tasky – Complete Task Management Solution

Tasky is a perfect Task Management script for your company. Let’s go deep into the features.

Tasky - Complete Task Management Solution

Convinced? Not yet! let’s visit the live demonstration of the script.


Installation Guide & Documentation

Admin Login Page – Click here to open

Username: admin
Password: password

Manager Login Page – Click here to open

Username: manager
Password: password

Staff Login Page – Click here to open

Username: staff
Password: password

Installation Prerequisites & Server Requirements

Make sure you read the Documentation for Application and other Server Requirements, Installation Prerequisite and other useful topics.

Also, make sure all the installation prerequisites mentioned on the documentation are installed and fulfilled on your server. These prerequisites are mandatory, without these Tasky won’t install and won’t work properly.

PHP >= 8.1 (for CLI and Web both)

PHP Extensions Required

  • OpenSSL
  • BCMath
  • Fileinfo
  • PDO
  • MBString
  • Tokenizer
  • PCRE
  • Ctype
  • JSON
  • XML
  • MySQL Native Driver
  • GD Image Library
  • Zip Archive
  • cURL (7.70+ version) (for CLI and Web both)
  • GMP (Required for sending Web Push Notification, added on v1.4)

For Database:

  • MySQL >= 8
  • NOTE: MariaDB is not supported, use MySQL instead of MariaDB!

Additional Server Requirements

  • allow_url_fopen enabled
  • SSL Installed on the Server

Version Log

Version 1.1.0 Released on 2 Oct 2022

* Task KanBan View
* Todo KanBan View
* Self Designation & Branch Permission
* Task Config - Accessible by Employees

Version 1.0.0 Released on 5 Sep 2022

* Manage Departments, Designation & Branch
* Manage Employee Records
* Track & Manage Tasks
* Task Member, Checklist, Media, Repeatation
* Manage Ledger Types, Ledgers & Transactions
* Todo, Backup & Activity Logs
* Configurations

FAQs and Support Methods

What information is required during installation?

The script requires “Access Code” to be entered during installation. You need to log in with your Envato account on https://scriptmint.com to get the access code and add domains where you want to install the application.

Where can I access the documentation?

Click here to access the documentation online. In case you face an issue, kindly send us an email at hello@scriptmint.com. Our estimated response time is 48 working hours, though maximum response time can be upto 5 working days.

Does the author provide installation support?

Yes, we provide installation and technical support to help you get the product up and running on your live server, if you have a valid support. Please note, we won’t be setup your server with PHP, MySQL and other Pre-requisite installation. You need to do it yourself. We can only guide the steps you need to follow for installation. Also, support is only available to the customers who have purchased the script from CodeCanyon. You need to provide your Envato Email & Purchase code to get the support.

Will I get support for further development?

Kindly note that the author is not going to teach you how to code or to install pre-requisites or to setup your server. However, the author will be available to answer your questions as per the guidelines mentioned in the Envato support tab. It is recommended to have the required level of knowledge of Laravel Framework, JavaScript along with VueJS as mentioned on the application description.

Does the author provide customization?

Yes, the author is available to provide customization services but with an additional charge of $30 an hour. Cost is negotiable for larger customization requirements. Though customization requests can be accepted or rejected depending on the availablity of the author and feasibility & scope of the customization requirements.

Can I use this script on multiple instances?

No, if you have purchased a Regular license then you can use this script for a single instance only. If you have used or you will use more than one instance of this script, your support will be blocked and it will be reported to Envato. You can purchase an extended license to use this script for multiple instances.

Is refund or exchange option available?

This script is a digital product in nature, so it is not feasible for us to give a refund or exchange option, sorry!

NOTE: To customize the script of this application, you need at least intermediate level web development experience in order to understand few components and strategy used in developing this application. You need to know Web Technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript and Vue Library. You need to be able to install the prerequisites of this application. The future development roadmap is indicative and depends upon the availability of author

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on Tasky. Click here to share your feedback or to make a feature request.

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