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THEONE – Parallax Onepage WordPress Theme


THEONE -  Parallax Onepage WordPress Theme - 1
THEONE -  Parallax Onepage WordPress Theme - 2

Theone responsive theme

THEONE is a responsive WordPress portfolio Onepage theme for professional creativity. It’s easy to use and concentrates on showcasing your work to potential clients and employers, with a unique interactive interface. The self-developed Pagebuilder makes it very intuitive to build your unique posts and pages. Also easily adapted to be used for Multi-page sites.


  • Fully Responsive Layout: adapts to smaller devices (iPhone, iPad), touch device friendly.
  • 9 demos included for one-click-import.
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder, any layout imaginable is possible.
    • 30 useful modules: Standard Wrap and Full-width Wrap, Carousel, Button, Blog, Portfolio, Liquid, Gallery, Slider, IconBox, Image Box, Video, SingleImage, Google Maps, Contact form, Team, Client, Tabs, Toggle/Accordions, Price, Promote, Info-Graphic, Count Down, Testimonials, Jobs, Faqs, Divide …
    • 5 portfolio layouts: Standard, Interlock, Carousel, Brick and Grid
    • 2 blog layouts: Standard, Masonry
    • Full-width Wrap: background image parallax, front image parallax, background video
    • Scrolled Animation
    • Google Maps (supported styled map)
  • 3 layouts for header.
    • Menu hidden by default
    • Menu shown by default with transparent background
    • Menu shown by default
  • Slider Revolution integrated (18$ saved)
  • Multiple layers Parallax effect (demo)
  • Half section supported Parallax and Background video
  • Creative 1/2 and 1/3 bock style section layout (demo)
  • BM slider: Horizontal parallax effect, Blur text animation, background video.
  • Unlimited Colour and Backgrounds.
  • 10 Predefined Themes Colours, Light/Dark background included!
  • 600+ Google Fonts – the latest google font data could be updated at any time
  • IconFonts (400+ Font Awesome Icon).
  • Shortcodes
    • Elements included: Button, Line, Heightlight, Blank, Image, Gallery(collagePlus list), Dropcap, Columns, Fixed width columns, Icons, Text, Icon List.
    • Shortcodes Generator
    • Shortcodes could be inserted in wordpress default editor and Text Block of Page Builder
  • Child theme included.
  • Custom image icons upload
  • 3 Widths for page container
  • Customisable buttons: border size and corner radius
  • 7 Post Formats Support: Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Audio, Link, Quote
  • Additional Post Type: Team, Clients, Testimonials, Jobs, FAQ
  • Video Guide ready


v1.5.5  1/28/2022 
[fix] WordPress 5.9 compatible
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.5.14

v1.5.4 09/26/2021
[fix] Reloading issue on iOS

v1.5.3 08/11/2021
[fix] Contact form JS issue
[fix] Page-loading does not fadeout on some browsers
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.5.6

v1.5.2.2 12/09/2020
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.3.2

v1.5.2.1 9/21/2020
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.2.23
[fix] Js issues with WordPress 5.5
[fix] error reporting "Unable to preventDefault..." 

v1.5.2 8/13/2020
[update] WordPress 5.5 Compatibility
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.2.18

v1.5.1 3/11/2020
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v6.2.2

v1.5.0 3/7/2019
[update] Disable block editor by default
[update] Classic editor installation guide
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v5.4.8.3
[update] Font Awesome
[fix] ShortcodesUI Font Awesome icons not shown

v1.4.9 4/21/2018
[fix] Customize save fail issue
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v5.4.7.2

v 1.4.8 3/9/2018
[improve] Background video play on latest mobile
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.4.7.1

v 1.4.7 1/25/2018
[fix] Google fonts https
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.4.6.4

v 1.4.6 12/30/2017
[fix] Mouseover header loop issue
[improve] Show social icon on the footer

v 1.4.5 5/18/2017
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.4.3.1

v 1.4.4  10/18/2016
[fix] Parse error of post-import.php on low version PHP

v 1.4.3  7/28/2016
[fix] PageBuilder TextBlock playlist shortcode issue
[fix] Revolution Slider name not shown in Page option
[fix] Image selector in ThemeOption
[fix] IconBox Mouseover layout issue with animation
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.2.6

v 1.4.2  5/17/2016
[fix] Theme files normalization

v 1.4.1  5/9/2016
[fix] Mobile menu issue on WordPress 4.5
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.2.5.1

v 1.4 4/20/2016
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.2.5
[fix] Javascript issue on WordPress 4.5

v 1.3.9 3/16/2016
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.2.2

v 1.3.8  2/23/2016
[fix] Hover issue on the mobile layout

v 1.3.7  2/10/2016
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.1.6

v 1.3.6  12/13/2015
[improve] Image selector in Gallery post
[fix] Gallery post image blur
[improve] Image cropping function compatibility
[fix] Comment box on WordPress 4.4
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.1.4

v 1.3.5  11/20/2015
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.1.3

v 1.3.4  10/27/2015
[fix] Gallery module link issue for image post option
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v5.1

v 1.3.3  8/24/2015
[improve] w3c validator
[fix] spelling issue
[fix] Wp-widget alert issue in WP4.3
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v5.0.4.1

v 1.3.2  6/30/2015
[fix]  cyrillic issue
[improve] Portfolio post masonry thumbs optimization
[fix] spelling issue
[improve] w3c validator
[fix] Fullwidth wrap inner width in mobile
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v4.6.93

v 1.3.1  4/25/2015
[fix] XSS vulnerability
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v4.6.9

v 1.3  3/2/2015
[add] Button(in pagebuilde module, shortcode and BWslider) anchor scroll smooth
[add] Testimonials slider speed option
[improve] Divide with long text  in mobile
[fix] Client module link hot area
[fix] Logo mouseover hoverIntent
[fix] linkedin in Imagebox social link 
[fix] Copyright html tag export

v 1.2.1  1/23/2015
[improve] Logo mouseover hoverIntent
[fix] Shortcodes generator in Pagebuilder  z-index issue
[update] Slider Revolution is update to v4.6.5

v 1.2  1/1/2015
[fix] Latest Twitter plugin, Twitter API can not be activated
[fix] Pagebuilder admin panel z-index in wrodpress4.1

v 1.1.4  12/8/1014
[fix] Divide module html title issue 
[fix] Url with anchor issue
[fix] The text “Sending" doesn't hide

v 1.1.3  11/23/1014
[fix] Safari Logo position
[fix] Safari Parallax   forbidden
[fix] Scrolled animation forbidden for carousel module
[fix] Single image max width issue
[fix] Password Protected
[fix] Contact form module email input name 

v 1.1.2  11/07/1014
[fix] New window link issue in module
[fix] Top slider touch conflict
[fix] Post navigation issue
[update] Slider Revolution is updated to v4.6.2

v 1.1.1  10/25/1014
[improve] Flexslider call move to win.load
[fix] Pagebuilder editor layout issue in WP Engine space

v 1.1  10/18/1014
[fix] Child theme style issue
[fix] Header layout C in mobile space issue
[fix] Image Box link
[fix] Liquid module brick hide after close issue

v 1.0.2  10/5/1014
[add] Fullwidth background image position
[fix] Theme option - Header layout B option 

v 1.0.1  09/23/1014
[fix] Lightbox image title not shown in Gallery module
[fix] Password protect for pagebuilder
[add] Fullwidth image parallax radio option "0" 

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Thanks to the authors for the awesome demo images:

Kristine May, Ines Perkovic , Martin Teschner

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