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WorldBox MOD APK (Free Shopping)

WorldBox MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Maxim Karpenko
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WorldBox MOD APK (Free Shopping)

You’ve heard of animal simulators, business simulators, city simulators, and so on, but you definitely haven’t heard of god simulators. That being said, with this new and interesting mobile title of WorldBox, Android gamers will find themselves having access to a completely new and refreshing gameplay where they’ll become the complete omnipotent and have an entire planet under your control.

Look down from the cosmic above, you can see your untouched 2D world. Here, you can start your grand plan for the planet and play the game as the absolute power in this world. Feel free to do whatever you want with your god-like power, from creating to destroying, you name it, the game will have it. Be a bad god or a good god, the choices are yours to make.

Find out more about this amazing game from Maxim Karpenko with our review.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves having access to the complete and in-depth world simulator gameplay, in which, you’ll take control of an entire world. Have it in your hand as you freely dive into the exciting in-game features. Do whatever you wish to do to your world. Create and destroy, bring life or casting deaths upon the lands, and so on.

Start by changing the landscapes and customize your world with diverse environments. Then you can proceed to add all kinds of life forms into the lands, from animals, people, sea creatures, to the fantasized creatures and monsters. Let them build their own kingdom of man, elf, orc, dwarf, and even demons.

But your powers are still far more than that, as beside creating, you’re also able to make devastating destructions to the lands. Burn up the entire world with your great fire or sunk the continents with your tsunami. Unleash devastating natural disasters in different parts of the world. Shaken it up as you turn the planet back to its untouched self.

WorldBox screenshot 1


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the unique and interesting god simulator

For the first time, Android gamers will find themselves having access to the complete god simulator gameplay. Here, you can dive into exciting in-game challenges where you can create your own sandbox planet. Raise islands, create seas, create life, and build civilizations as you progress. Feel free to have fun in this awesome mobile gameplay of WorldBox as you learn the means of being a god. Have yourself a vast, interactive, and interesting 2d pixelated world right in your mobile devices.

Create all kinds of life and watch they prosper

Find yourself having the ultimate power of creating life in WorldBox. With this, you’ll be able to breathe life into the untouched world and enjoy the game to the fullest extends. Feel free to add on the lands all kinds of interesting creatures from varied races and species and watch them prosper.

Start by having certain animals in the lands such as cats, dogs, wolves, rabbits, or those that live in the ocean like fishes, crabs, and other sea creatures. Then you can proceed to add the more advanced lifeform with human, elf, dwarf, orc, and even demon. Spectate them from above with your watchful eyes, find the different races buildup their own civilizations.

WorldBox screenshot 3

Guide the people to a better future

And with the civilizations starting to emerge from the different races, they’ll surely clash with each other and find themselves engaging in a series of interesting events. In addition, these people will also start to build roads, houses, and all kinds of interesting structures as they emerge on the lands. Hence, it would be nice if you can keep your eyes on them, in case they run into any trouble.

Dive into the exciting gameplay as you help the different races to survives, guide them in their paths, protect them from natural disasters, and let them all proper develope so you can find them reaching the very top of every civilization.

Have access to incredible and godly powers

Being the absolute omnipotent in the game, Android gamers in WorldBox will find themselves possessing some of the most incredible and epic powers that only God can have. That being said, you can either use your power to create life and happiness for the creatures on the planet. Or use your destructive strikes to drown the civilizations with your acid rain, blow up structures with your atomic, wreck things up with your tornados, or even introducing a demon into this world.

Shake the planet to the very core with your amazing powers

Moreover, with the available natural disasters, WorldBox will allow Android gamers to shake their entire world with epic clashes and collisions. Feel free to make uses of your amazing powers as you bring a great deal of changes into this world. Drop a few meteorites into the planet to wipe out all the lives. Let the volcano to erupt as you swallow all civilizations, and so on. This would shake and change the very core of the planet.

WorldBox screenshot 2

Craft and customize your untouched world using only imaginations

For those of you who’re interested in the builder gameplay, you’ll definitely find WorldBox extremely fun and interesting. That being said, in the game, you’ll find yourself being granted with all kinds of godlike powers that can be used to craft your own world. Feel free to build up your awesome pixelated world using the magical brushes, addable structures and terrains, and so on. Color the world to how you want to and have fun during the process.

Complete multiple in-game achievements and earn many daily rewards

Along with the free gameplay, gamers in WorldBox can always pick up the exciting gameplay with the available achievements. Have fun with unique and refreshing gameplay as you complete your achievements and unlock many interesting rewards. Plus, with the daily rewards available, you just need to be relatively active in the game to start enjoying those.

Free to play

Despite having all those amazing features, gamers in WorldBox will still find themselves enjoying this awesome mobile game on their devices for absolutely free. That being said, it’s possible for you to download and install the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

WorldBox screenshot 4

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

Moreover, if the in-game purchases and ads are the things that keep bothering, then you might want to go for our completely unlocked gameplay. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited money, ad-free experiences, and most importantly, the completely free gameplay. And all it takes is for you to download and install the WorldBox Mod APK from our website instead. Have the game completely unlocked for free and enjoy it to the fullest.

Visual and sound quality


While it only features the simple 2D graphics, the game is, by no mean, unappealing. In fact, with a variety of interesting aspects of the map, you’ll find your in-game characters and elements extremely fun and interactive. Feel free to have access to the massive lands with various elements. Interact with your in-game elements, and have fun as you progress through the exciting challenges in WorldBox. And with the game being quite playable on most of your devices, smooth and satisfying god simulations are promised.


And together with the powerful and immersive visual experiences, gamers in WorldBox will also find themselves having access to in-depth and interesting in-game audio. Dive into the awesome world of the complete planet in the game as you find yourself lost in this wholesome land of WorldBox. And with the catchy and impactful soundtracks, you’ll certainly find the game quite fun and enjoyable to enjoy on your mobile devices.

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